As Close To The Force As You Can Get posters

maul yoda boba trooper chewy

Star Wars Weekends posters Art directed by Matt Stewart with some great lines by John McCall. This amazingly detailed character art was built from scratch in CGI by Meduzarts in Montreal. The team wanted to communicate the idea that at Star Wars Weekends you are literally As Close To the Force As You Can Get.

1960’s inspired fake business cards for a real Job

card2card1  card3card6card5card7card4    card8

This was a fun project that came across my desk recently. Design some 1960’s inspired business cards for fake Disney companies. The 60’s is also one of my favorite periods of graphic design as well. I drew a lot of inspiration by looking at Scandanavian design from the 60’s, there was some really great stuff there. Also, google some of the people and addresses I used on the cards for a little Disney history that might be appropriate for this project. A few of these cards will be used in an upcoming magazine article which will include other “fake” cards from other designers here at Yellow Shoes as well.

New prints: Ohno Vroom series one


These latest print designs are now available in my shop and were realized through a collaboration with my wife (Threehaus). We were inspired by vintage racing and the fascination that boys seem to have with cars and racing. We have two boys, so it wasn’t too hard to see. My wife and I are both designers, so it was fun to finally come together on a project like this and introduce Ohno the race car driver to the world. The archive quality prints look great with any decor and are an especially great fit in YOUR little racer’s room. Enjoy!







Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.12.55 PM

Original Disneyland layout proposal sketch

Disneyland Original Prospectus 1953

I love looking at this original layout drawing of the proposed Disneyland from 1953. Fun to see a proposed Lilliputian Land and Mickey Mouse Club Island. This was included in the original Disneyland Prospectus (proposal) if your interested in reading through it, you can download this PDF Disneylandoriginalprospectus Enjoy!

Finding Fantasyland

A case study video of some of our latest digital work for New Fantasyland. This was a group effort, from not only my team here at Yellow Shoes, but WDPRO, Imagineering, and our partners at North Kingdom and Mirada. I am really proud of how this experience/campaign turned out and all the hard work and hours the team put in on this one.