1960’s inspired fake business cards for a real Job

card2card1  card3card6card5card7card4    card8

This was a fun project that came across my desk recently. Design some 1960’s inspired business cards for fake Disney companies. The 60’s is also one of my favorite periods of graphic design as well. I drew a lot of inspiration by looking at Scandanavian design from the 60’s, there was some really great stuff there. Also, google some of the people and addresses I used on the cards for a little Disney history that might be appropriate for this project. A few of these cards will be used in an upcoming magazine article which will include other “fake” cards from other designers here at Yellow Shoes as well.

Behind the scenes of Darth Cupcake

This was one of those crazy ideas that we joked about doing that ended up a real thing. The creative superpowers on this were the infamous team of John McCall and Matt Stewart. Nth Degree FX helped bring it to life along with a host of other talented folks. Also great job by Paul Chase on the Behind-the-scenes video! Enjoy.

Walt Disney World + The World Cup video shoot

This was a really awesome one to be involved with. We wanted to show that here at Walt Disney World we support the World Cup and all the excitement of the world coming together. We did it in the simplest, most fun way we could think of —juggling around our world. We used the official Brazuca World Cup 2014 game ball and we had some awesome help from some very talented jugglers too. the Futboleros, Indie Cowie, Jason Noblet, and more! The concepting team at Yellow Shoes on this were the amazingly talented creative team of David Brotherton (a huge soccer fan!) and Heather Keechel. David Guertin was our awesome producer on this and I was CD. Also, the hugely talented John Deeb of Deeb Studios helped us bring this to life. Many more talented folks were involved as well, again, one of the most fun projects I have had the pleasure to be involved with in quite a while. Hope you Enjoy!