1960’s inspired fake business cards for a real Job

card2card1  card3card6card5card7card4    card8

This was a fun project that came across my desk recently. Design some 1960’s inspired business cards for fake Disney companies. The 60’s is also one of my favorite periods of graphic design as well. I drew a lot of inspiration by looking at Scandanavian design from the 60’s, there was some really great stuff there. Also, google some of the people and addresses I used on the cards for a little Disney history that might be appropriate for this project. A few of these cards will be used in an upcoming magazine article which will include other “fake” cards from other designers here at Yellow Shoes as well.

Cool retro design Walt Disney World business card from the 80’s that I came across in the office.

This was well before we were known as Yellow Shoes. I have changed the Art Director’s name to MM, but note how they weren’t even called Art Directors but just artist. I like that. I love the gold foil embossing too! These are actually way cooler than or current corporate cards here. We may need to print our own one day, maybe we can use the retro design I did.