A new Star Wars Weekends image: Familiar friends

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.30.52 AM

The team has been having a lot of fun producing these great images over the past few years. Here is one of our latest released on Star Wars Day (May 4) May the Force be with you!


Here is the new Star Tours radio spot we did also. #StarTours #StarWars

Pretty cool to get to work with Anthony Daniels, the original actor who plays threepio, on this radio spot. Writer John McCall knocks it out of the park once again. Enjoy the listen.


Our latest work: the Star Tours commercial is up #StarTours #StarWars

This was definitely a fun one to work on. That’s Tom Kane as Ackbar. Really cool to be able to partner with Lucasfilm too. Big thanks to the creative concept team on this one John and Matt -the force is strong with these two. Enjoy you will.


The Boba Fett skateboard painting done for Jedi Noah


“Jedi Noah Board” 7.5″ x 30″ Acrylic on Recycled Skateboard Deck


For my latest skateboard painting I was inspired by a really cool kid named
Noah. He is fighting brain cancer and is the bravest little guy I have ever
seen. He really loves Star Wars and his favorite character is Boba Fett.
Because I was so inspired by Noah and his courage, I set out to paint him a
board. I wanted it to be a mash-up of one of my characters (named OhNO) and
his favorite Boba Fett. So the Jedi Noah board was born. I can only hope
that this board may have some sort of special force too that will help Noah
in his fight. May the force be with you Noah!
For more of Noah’s story and other kids like him fighting children’s brain
cancer check out http://www.noahslightfoundation.org/


Happy Star Wars Day! -a great day to debut some new ads we did

These were done by my team for the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios. We just wanted to have fun with the story of Star Wars
-now arriving at our park. John McCall and Matt Stewart concepted these ads
and we had a lot of fun getting them done. Enjoy. Oh and be sure to call
407-827-2799 to join the force too!