I am running the WDW marathon this year in honor of Jedi Noah.



Jedi Noah inspired me. He inspired a lot of people. Noah Larkin was just 6 years old when he was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. He and his wonderful family inspired me as they fought this horrible disease. Noah’s amazing mom Amber chronicled their journey on her blog. It was inspiring and awful at the same time. But I know everyone reading, like me,  just wanted him to beat this thing. I had the honor of running my first marathon 2 years ago for Team Noah with my teammate Adam. Thoughts of Noah and how brave and strong he was battling his brain cancer kept us going thoughout the race. If he could do what he was doing, we could surely do a mere 26.2 miles. The best part –Noah was there to meet us at the finish line.

Now the hard part, Noah won’t be there this year. But, I take comfort in knowing his spirit will be and that he is probably looking down and cheering me on still saying “I think he is going to win”. The thing is, I already have. Just knowing him the little that I did and being inspired by him made that happen.

January 13th I will run my second marathon. This time in honor of my buddy Jedi Noah. Please donate now to my page at Team Noah and help us fight pediatric brain cancer! There are many more kids just like Noah battling right now and they need our help.


Opening night of my first show, GIANT??? Pictures & Process

Fun night. Everyone’s work looked great and we had a great turnout for our opening at the UCF Center for Emerging Media Gallery in downtown Orlando on Friday night. If you missed the opening you’ll have another chance to catch up with me and some of the other GIANT artist on Thursday Sept. 9 at 6:30pm more details at AIGA’s site http://bit.ly/9wNEFr