Inspiration is UP


Yesterday I had the honor of going to hear and meet Director, Pete Docter and Composer, Michael Giacchino who talked about their creative process. In case you live under a rock, Pete Docter has worked at Pixar since the early days and directed Monsters, Inc. and UP (which he won and Oscar for) and helped write Toy Story, Wall-e and many other of your favorite Pixar films. And of course, Michael Giacchino (who also has an Oscar & Grammys) has scored so many cool movies and shows including the little known LOST series, as well as the soundtracks for UP, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille just to name a few.

Anyway, it was truely inspiring and very cool to hear the stories of how they find inspiration and go through the process as a creatives. We heard some great advice from Pete Docter about using what you know from the world around you because that will make it have an emotional connection with people. Did you know Russel is a kid that lives next door to the Docter family? He played with Docter’s son and would pop over unannounced all the time. So he decided that character was perfect for UP. Michael told us of when he started in the business as a video game producer just so he could hire himself to score the music for the games and that is how he got his start. Just goes to show once again, if you want to do something you’ll find a way to do it. Was also cool to hear him talk about his realtionships with the directos being so tight and important to the end product of the films. He said Brad Bird told him “you can ruin my movie!” and then went on to say if Giacchino veered just a little to the left when he was going right it could through off the whole story -you want the music you are hearing and stuff you are seeing to be totally in-sync to produce the right emotional response.

Another takeway that I thought was pretty cool is, that as creatives, we all have the same problems to tackle no matter what scale of projects we work on. The same creative problems when working on the next Block-buster or just the latest ad campaigns etc. The same issues questioning creative come up. So, next time it does at your place, don’t feel alone. There are people like Pete and Michael, and you and me, dealing with these issues as creatives everyday and it’s how we use those hurdles to our advantage to make the thing better that is the key!


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