Awesome sketchbook/journal of one of our in-house Photographers

Today I got inspired by this great sketchbook by one of our Yellow Shoes photographers. David Roark, who has worked here at Disney for 30 years, takes some time off each year to “regroup”. And each year when he does this he brings back a sketchbook with all his thoughts, adventures, etc. It is inspiring to say the least! He not only explores a bunch of different hand drawn type throughout but also the styles of illustration as well. He captures it all in cool handmade, watercolor paper, leatherbound journal. I love everything about this -not only the fact that he is a great photographer and also a talented artist, but also this idea of taking a block of time each year (more than a few days -David takes a month) to decompress. David told me you need a month to really start to leave it all behind and enjoy things. It seems to me sometimes we need to step away from our digital connected world and just go old school. Now get out there and sketch!


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