Some pictures, I can share, from my Pixar tour.

What a great place! Everything I thought it would be and more inside. The creative vibe around the campus was awesome. I say campus because now they have several buildings now all set back in a nice piece of land in Emeryville, CA. The buildings are named after some of the five bu
rroughs in NYC. John Lasseter’s office is Upper West Side (but he also has a small office in the Brooklyn building too). Of course I had to visit the infamous cereal bar and have some Cap’n crunch to start the tour off right. Everyone seems like they are really having a good time in there. Hard not to when you have not only the free cereal and fountain drinks, but a gym, basketball, a sand volley ball court, and your own swimming pool. There was a lot of energy and creative meetings happening throughout and as I was leaving people were playing soccer in the field in front of the main building as well as another group doing yoga in the shadow of a giant Luxo lamp outside. Really cool to see the team environment they have created there and hope to go back again soon to learn more about how they do what they do.


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