Running for a cure. Go Team Noah!


This Sunday I will be running my first Marathon right here at Walt Disney
World. I am running it as Team Noah to help fight pediatric brain cancer.
And we need your support!

Noah is just one of the many children fighting a deadly brain and spinal
cancer right now and there is actually very little support and research
money out there for pediatric brain tumors. Please consider supporting Team
Noah however you can through the Noah’s Light Foundation at:

Seriously, every little bit helps! You can also come out to the Marathon and
cheer on Team Noah live Sunday Jan 9th at the Walt Disney World Resort.
Just look for Adam Voigt and myself with the green Team Noah shirts. Thanks in
advance for your support!

Go Team Noah!


4 thoughts on “Running for a cure. Go Team Noah!

  1. AND…green is Noah’s favorite color! I want one of these shirts! But if I wore it, people might expect me to get off my couch. (sigh) You go, Will!

  2. Yeah. I want one, too…but I can’t even run to the bathroom. 🙂 Go Team Noah! Go real Noah! Go Will & Adam!

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